Electric flat screen printer AT-120P is suitable for screen printing on flexible or rigid material flat sheet such as Membrane Switch, Flexible Printer Circuits, Nameplate, Electro-luminescent, etcindustrial products.
Aluminum alloyed extruded formation structure, high strength and light weight to raise durability and accuracy to support heavy dutyMotor driven screen vertical up down rapidly, equipped with safety buffer cylinder (patented)When the screen descends at printing level, if E-stop switch is triggered, all stroke of machine operating is stopped automatically, safety auxiliary cylinder is automatically inflated against the weight of the print head carriage and frame holder assembly, slight manually push up the screen ascent, comprehensive protecting the operator safetyDuring screen traveling, when the screen is descending and is not reached at the printing level, if E-stop is triggered, screen is moved up slowly to origin positionPrinting stroke is driven by servo motor, enhance speed range and stable linear speed motion

HMI displays Chinese / English language, digitalized control to select or setting versatile printing cycle modes rapidlyDepending on substrates different need, fast and convenient to attain printing efficiency and fulfill various printing needSafety protective loop, if malfunction or erroneous setting or operating, machine is stopped immediately and HMI displays error message, attached with restoration iconTwist E-stop switch to restore origin to protect operator safety.


  • Innovative Design : motorized driven screen vertical up down design, quick and silent stable motion, equipped with safety auxiliary buffer cylinder (patented), comprehensive protecting operator safety.
  • Aluminum Extrusion Profile : Aluminum alloyed extrusion formation structure, high strength with light weight, raise durability and accuracy to support heavy duty.
  • Convenient Adjustment : screen frame holder is designed by active cantilever arm, light weight and strong structure, easy and fast adjusting movement.
  • Digitalized Control : PLC control, versatile function, easy and quick operation.
  • Quick Operation : HMI displays Chinese / English language, digitalized control achieves quick selection and setting.
  • Error Display : LCD display malfunction and error message to guide explicitly trouble shooting.
  • Comprehensive Protection : equipped with E-stop switch, safety bar, safety press plate and auto restoration stroke start point design, protect operator to reduce defective rate.
  • Option : pneumatic registration pin / pop-up pin, dripless squeegee, light barrier protection.


Model AT-120P
Substrate Thickness 0〜25 mm
Productivity 480 P/H
Max Printing Area 700 x 1200 mm
Max Frame O/D Size 1000 x 1500 mm
Table Size 800 x 1400 mm
Power Consumption 3.3 KW
Air Exhaustion 3.0 L/cyle
Machine Weight 980 kg
Machine Dimension 1900 x 1400 x 1750 mm